If you’re planning on investing in property then you’ll find that building your portfolio from the ground up is likely to be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face at the beginning. It’s no surprise why this is the case.

For one, there’s a lot of work involved before you can even purchase your first property. Another is that building a portfolio may seem overwhelming, especially when you compare yourself against more established investors, who already have more than a handful of properties under their name. Here are our tips to beginning your property portfolio.

1. List down your investment goals.

This is a fairly standard procedure for any type of investment. Before you begin to actually invest in property, you have to be clear with yourself about what your goals are for investing. Whether it is to fund your retirement, pay off your mortgage or eventually move to Australia.

Trident Property Partners’ team of agents will help you put your investment goals in place and know what you are working towards when investing your money into property. Identifying your goals early on will help our agents produce the right strategy for your investment.

2. Create your investment strategy.

No one becomes a property investor expecting to be an overnight success. Your experienced agent will work with you every step of the way to produce the right investment strategy for you to ensure the greatest success possible.

When building your strategy, we take into account things such as your source of funding, which types of lenders you will consider, where you plan on buying properties and how you will structure your investment.

3. Get help from a team of professionals.

At Trident Property Partners, we have a network of experienced professionals to connect you with to ensure your property investment is a smooth and successful journey. We have built long-term connections with a number of professionals that are paramount to the success of your investment property.

Speak to us about how we can support you throughout your investment property journey from commencement through to ensuring your tenants are successfully managed with our excellent property managers.

4. Get suitable financing.

Financing is as important to you when you’re investing in property, as it is when you’re buying your own home. The reason is that it will affect a lot of things when it comes to your investment, such as the types of properties that you can afford, how easy it will be to pay off your mortgage, and how flexible your product will be should you decide to switch loans later on.

Our team of agents work closely with our network of accountants and mortgage brokers to ensure you have all the information necessary in regards to financing your investment property. Once the first investment property is successful, we can then look at financing your second property investment and build your portfolio.

Building your investment property in Australia can be very rewarding, but also takes a lot of planning and consideration. Our team of agents are on hand to make your transition to owning one investment property to owning a portfolio of investment properties a successful and easy process.